The best movies on Disney Plus movies list to watch right now

The most popular films that are available Disney Plus have you covered If you’re looking to let the world go behind and embark to the next adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a journey around the universe or sailing to the oceans of the deep to find treasure There’s something to enjoy there. There are Star Wars movies to make your way through, along with all of the Marvel films in between. Then there are the classic animated films which have been a part of our lives from the time we were children.

However, deciding on what shows to stream to watch on Disney Plus can be a difficult task. There’s plenty of content available to stream that’s due to Disney buying almost every studio that exists (well there’s no guarantee that every studio will be but we’re getting there). To help you decide on the next movie to watch this year, we’ve compiled this list of the top films available that are available on Disney Plus. We’ve put a few of them together – for example, including an entire collection of the Star Wars original trilogy as one film as a way to make a broad list as we can. Enjoy!


Soul confirms the power of Pixar to tackle the most challenging issues of life with a wealth of exquisite profundity, wit and world-building details and aspires to uphold the studio’s goal to grow each and every day. Joe (voiced wonderfully by Jamie Foxx) is a New York teacher who dreams of becoming a jazz muso and is then the victim of an accident to send him off on the spaceship that takes him towards The Great Beyond.


We’re certain you don’t require us to bring up the Hamilton excitement – after all, it set records by securing the record-breaking 16 Tony nominations (11 of which it took home) as well as the Grammy victory as well as it won a Pulitzer Prize. Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical about hip-hop has won the hearts of audiences across the world with it’s Broadway debut in 2015 and the entire cast was requested to perform at in the White House to perform for Barack Obama.

The Lion King

The Lion King is frequently hailed as the crown jewel of Disney’s crown. It’s not hard to understand the reason. The entire experience is enormous: the sheer size of the stampede scene and the dark sound that comes from James Earl Jones’ voice as well as his sombre voice, the “Circle of Life” and the grand themes of sacrifice and legacy. We are grateful that we have Timon and Pumbaa they come in as things begin to become depressingly sad.

Toy Story trilogy. Toy Story trilogy

Pixar immediately recognized itself as a studio obsessed with a plethora of ideas. Their debut film, Toy Story, puts forward the idea that all toy toys live and bouncing throughout your house whenever you’re not paying attention. Instead of making kids shiver the film was actually awe-inspiring. The studio continued moving forward until we reached Toy Story 3, which includes Woody as well as Buzz Lightyear coming into their mortality after being tossed into a trash incinerator. There are some crazy geniuses working in this scene.

Sister Act

The lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier is present to be a victim of a mob attack and is subsequently placed inside the Witness Protection Program. The last place she might think of looking is Saint Katherine’s Parish, a San Francisco convent, where she serves as the choir director. In the beginning, Deloris clashes with the Reverend Mother who doesn’t like her reciting traditional hymns, in favor of styles of rock and gospel. But at the point of wrapping things up, they have come to a common understanding.

The Star Wars trilogy is the original Star Wars trilogy

The scoundrel, the princess and a farmer boy: it was this straightforward group of people that ignited one of the most famous popular cultural events of all time. Each one of them came up with their own method to make a difference. Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting into Jedi training only to discover that your father isn’t exactly the person you’d like them to be. Other times, it’s choking on a massive Slug Kingpin using your naked hands. Sometimes it’s getting frozen into a man-sized cube to finally pay off your dues.

The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

The series is concerned primarily in the adventures of the scallywag pirate Jack Sparrow, as he meets up with his violent former first-mate Barbossa, the strong and individual Elizabeth Swann, and her boring, yet lovely love lover Will Turner. There are krakens, curses, maelstroms British imperialism and an arachnid-faced Davy Jones to keep things alive.

Thos: Ragnarok

Following Kenneth Brannagh’s Shakespearean origin story , and Alan Taylor’s tame follow-up, Thor was begging for an opportunity to make a new start. It was a blessing that it was Taika Waititi, the director of What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, who turned Thor around, reimagining Thor as the God that is Thunder as a cocky, arrogant scumbag.

The Incredibles

Pixar twist on Avengers prior to the Avengers were ever released in cinemas, The Incredibles keeps it an exclusive family-friendly affair. The film shows that the public’s opinion has changed towards superheroes. The movie has been accused of causing many collateral damages. The Parrs have tried their best to remain quiet and conceal their power, after having settled in a tranquil American suburb. However, Bob is also called Mr. Incredible He is trying in letting go his “glory of his youth”. His actions eventually drag his whole family to a fatal conflict with a furious former fan.


Frozen is a story about the two girls, Anna as well as Elsa, who are separated from one the other following their parents’ deaths and through the many years Elsa was kept in a secluded place due to her abilities that she can’t keep under control. With the help of a caring Ice harvester called Kristoff as well as his colleague Sven and a mystical snowman called Olaf and Olaf, the sisters help save Arendelle from the wrath of Arendelle and uncover the secret to their unique connection.

Star Wars sequel trilogy Star Wars sequel trilogy

The Force Awakens movie had many things riding on it. It was meant to launch the revival of the franchise and ease all of the memories of the prequels. It introduced us to a new trio of heroes: Rey, a scavenger whose mysterious origins are still hotly debated today, Finn, the stormtrooper-turned-rebel hero, and Poe, the hotshot pilot. Their stories intersect as the Resistance remains strong against the threat of The First Order. The Last Jedi continues the battle against the new enemy. the Rise of Skywalker brings the entire Skywalker storyline to an close.

Beauty and the Beast

The film is based on an ancient French fairytale The “beauty” in the title is in reference to Belle who’s love of reading makes her an outcast in her home town which is probably due to the fact that they think an arrogant, vain slab of flesh like Gaston is the most beautiful thing available. When she becomes the captive of a gigantic beast, she realizes that she’s been diagnosed with an unique form that’s known as Stockholm Syndrome.

The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen’s first version this tale was a bit more traumatic than the version we’re familiar with. Instead of Ariel receiving her voice and her man back after beating the sea witch Ursula and her gang, A. has to face her human feet that have been continuously bleeding and being painful to walk on, B. ends up sacrificed in order to save the prince. She then disappears into a mass of foam. It’s difficult to envision Disney trying to sell “Ariel with foam” or “Ariel with real-life foot bleeding” dolls.